Tuesday, June 2, 2015

2015-2016 FCCLA Officers!

President: Mattie Case
1st Vice President: Justin Smith
Secretary: Jessica Lee
Historian: Samantha Lee
V.P. of Public Relations: Zaina Abujebarah
Co-V.P. of Membership: Tyllar Hubbard
Co-V.P. of Membership: Tyler Yokoo
Co-V.P. of STAR Events: Karli Baker
Co-V.P. of STAR Events: Sabrina Barrack
V.P. of Service: Samantha Purser
V.P. of National Programs: Mackenzie Clark

We welcome these amazing officers into our Herriman Chapter family with warm courage and high hope! Good luck officers! We look forward to a wonderful year!

2014-2015 FCCLA Officers!

President: Aspen Clark
1st Vice President: Vanessa Daniels
Historian: Olivia Walker
V.P. of Service: Rylee Pierce
V.P. of Membership: Samantha Jardine
Co-V.P. of STAR Events: River Schiffman
Co-V.P. of STAR Events: McKenna Roberts
Co-V.P. of Public Relations: Desiree Jensen
Co-V.P. of Public Relations: Sara Budd
V.P. of National Programs: Kaylee King